October 2015 is when we first met in Johannesburg. Victoria grew up on a farm 4 hours from the city Jason was from. A gathering at a family home in Johannesburg brought us together and it was instantly love! Since then we have been exploring the globe in search of every adventure each new city has to offer. Meeting people, connecting brands and showcasing a fashion and travel lifestyle along the way.

Victoria studied film and photography and has always dreamt of capturing her life in every tropical island imaginable. She is passionate about creating beauty through the lens and uses that passion to promote an untold story for luxury travel and fashion brands the like.

Jason has been in business management and marketing for the past 6 years and, thanks to Victoria, has also sparked a passion for photography. With an indispensable urge for adventure, after 2 years of dating while working full-time jobs, we finally saw the opportunity to leave our home in South Africa and we have not looked back since.

Join us as we share the worlds great escapes from our perspective!