The Red Lotus Experience


A palace situated in the heart of the jungle. A two-hour drive from Ubud we headed for Villa Vastu. Our driver seemed just as excited about the scenic drive as we were about exploring a new area. He explained that most people don’t get to experience the ‘real’ Ubud unless they have been to Northern region of Melinggih.

He was right, the steep roads led us into jungle terrain like we had never seen before.

Eventually at the top of one of the many steep roads we reached Vastu, an amazing villa situated on the edge of the cliff.  The villa is surrounded by palms and an immaculately kept garden. It is the perfect places for a few families to spend there holiday together. We kept saying how great it would be to have all our friends at Vastu. It really is big enough to fit a crowd.

This Villa didn’t just come with a huge infinity pool but its own waterfall as well! Just a few hundred meters away from the property.

The staff were available 24/7 to assist us with anything. We even had Tara, the manager, climb one of the palms to fetch us coconut for lunch.

We were thankful for the afternoon storms that brought cool air through the rooms and the clouds made for amazing sunsets! As you can imagine, it was really difficult for us to leave this place.

Cemedik was by far the best place to experience the Balinese culture in its’ true form. The villa and the village surrounding it have raw cultural qualities that we could not find elsewhere.


The villa is a mixture of Balinese and Javanese style and is situated in front of the rice paddies with a view that can sometimes reach the ocean some 80 kilometers away on a clear day.


Our first traditional ceremony celebrating our villa managers’ daughter’s 3rd birthday. We were honored to be invited by Made into his home to share this special day with his family.

Each family member receives offering flowers, holy water and holy rice at the temples to share and pray for blessings of protection and longevity for their daughter/sister.


Some interesting facts…the Balinese celebrate their birth twice a year and each calendar months is 35 day. This was Mades’ daughters 3rd birth ceremony which means she is just under two years old. She was just the cutest in her traditional Sarong and head bow!

We have found that each Red Lotus Villa has something unique to offer and we are so grateful full the memories and experiences we have gained from our stay. We will be back.