The Renaissance Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur is a popular stop-over for travelers across Asia. It was our fourth time in Malaysia but sadly we were yet to visit the city. We had seen the cities iconic skyscrapers on adverts but they were just an idea in our heads until we got the opportunity to stay at The Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Driving into the big city for the first time was a sensory overload. Arriving at rush hour we moved busily between buildings and traffic until we reached the hotel. Situated between the KL and Petronas Towers, The Renaissance hotel is possibly the best place to be in the city. We were walking distance from some of the popular street markets for food and shopping activities. And to our excitement, our 26th story suite on the west wing boasts a view of the magnificent city.

The Renaissance welcomed us with true style and elegance as we entered the lobby filled with chandeliers and marble pillars.


We were treated exclusively to the hotels newly designed Club R Lounge which we spent time during and after meals… It was that beautiful! The lounge is perfect for reading, relaxing and dining.

We are always eager to try local food wherever we go as it enhances each cultural experience. The hotel has two world-class restaurants and Dynasty is one where you can experience delicious Chinese-Malay dishes. Dim-Sum and fried durian were at the top of our list.

PS. The Dynasty restaurant has the best view of the Petronas towers as well!


The interior design, beautiful views and comfort made our stay at The Renaissance so memorable. It is easily one of the best hotels we have ever been to where you can experience both the hotel and the city at its finest.


If you’re looking for the biggest Olympic sized pool in a hotel in KL, the Renaissance is where you would find it. It was hard to believe how much space there is on the hotel property in such a compact city. There was no better way to enjoy the Kuala Lumpur heat by having pool time.