Canggu - a Bali favorite


Canggu has been our playground for the past week. There are two different sides to the area, one side being a vibrant beach town with coffee shops and juice bars (a must-visit for any health fan) and the other a peaceful farmland with views of contouring rice paddies that reach the beachfront palms. We loved having the best of both worlds Canggu had to offer and spent most days in search of the sweetest acai bowls and long scooter rides through the winding roads between the rice fields…Bliss!

Dragon fruit smoothie anyone? We learned how to make the most delicious dragon fruit smoothies, which we will be showing how to on the blog later in the week.

The food presentation has really blown us away. There are hundreds of restaurants and cafe’s all competing for your favor so you can be sure to get amazing service and food dishes that will look as good as it tastes. Our top of the list so far:

  • Peleton Supershop (awesome smoothies!)

  • Coffee n Oven

  • Warung Umi (for cheap local dishes)

  • The list will continue…


Taking it easy…discussing our future travel plans. Exciting times ahead of us.

“It’s not always the place that matters, but the person you’re with”. This is so true to us!