Culture filled in Ubud


We were completely surprised by this quaint spot on the outskirts of Ubud – Kedusa Homestay. The images on their website did not even come close to how beautiful it really was.

Just 2.5km from Kudesa is the Tegenungan Waterfall. The walk through the village on route to the waterfall was no ordinary walk for us. Every local we passed greeted us with excitement, including a little old lady who we were sure to have guessed to be close to 100 years old. We approached her and in her cute manner, she looked to the sky pointed up and said: ” uhhh … what country you from?”. After replying “South Africa” she gave us a toothless smile, nodded and carried on walking by. We cannot explain enough how incredibly friendly and generous the locals are here.

The waterfall is a must see. The water isn’t the idyllic aqua blue and it can get very crowded, depending on what time of day you choose to visit. However we were amazed at the size and beauty of Tegenungan. There is a small fee to see the waterfall and then another fee to take a walk to the top of the waterfall for a different view. Yes, we were just as confused as to why we needed to pay twice for the same thing but we gave in to both fees to support local. So make sure you have some cash on you when you visit.

Our breakfast the following morning at Kudesa, simple but delicious! Breakfast was included in our stay. All for just R89/ 8$ a night.

It the greatest feeling finding a spot like Bije Suite Villas especially when you’re on a travel budget. They have the most delicious food at super affordable prices.  R30 for a breakfast, R8 for a coffee and complimentary toast with pineapple jam. 

Our next stop…Hati Padi Cottages! The cabins are alongside the pool with a view of the rice paddies. Its secluded from the towns and busy roads and you can really embrace beautiful sounds of nature. In the evening you will see hundreds of fireflies among the banana plantations and rice fields, a truly magical stay !


If you get the chance to visit, try their ice teas. Homemade goodness!

The staff at Hati Padi told us of an abandoned garden close to the property that could make a good picnic spot. We have shared the behind the scenes of us creating that “perfect” picnic photo. Creating this image proved quite an adventure in itself. The road to the garden was muddy…a cow dung kind of muddy. We hit a several potholes and one in particular sent me just about straight off the bike while Jay lost his slop in the puddle trying to keep us and the camera gear on the bike. Fortunately, there was a stream up ahead to wash ourselves off. We were only told after that the water we were washing in was holy water. Apparently, there is a water temple upstream. However the water is not holy once it has left the temple and we were not disrespectfully contaminating the water to our relief. Bali has many sewer streams along the roads, so we were just glad to see clean fresh water in this stream.

After a quick cleanse, it was back to setting up the picnic.


At last, we got the shot! Whenever you see another great looking photo, just think of the hard work that went into capturing that moment.