In search of Bali sunsets

Uluwatu takes beach living to a whole new level. Just when we thought we had seen the best of Bali’s beaches, we were guided by the sheer white cliffs to the most jaw dropping ocean view we have experienced yet. This particular one was Nyang Nyang beach and is one of many clifftops in Uluwatu.

Clifftop views also mean that it requires the effort of hundreds of steps to the beach. But the haul is so worth the pain. You will either find secluded beach caves or long white sandy spots below to spend the afternoon while you wait for the sunset.


Uluwatu is also the surf capital of Bali. It brings crowds of surfers and the surf culture is felt just by walking on the streets in this place. Every cafe/juice bar is playing Bob Marley and the dress code is boardies and bikinis.

Our favorite sunset experience was at Single Fin Bali, while watching the surfers catch their last few waves before the light was lost.